In Theory

Process and Production:  Peacebuilding Connections creates and partners on projects that foster short and long term cross-cultural connections.  These projects, just like cultures, are broad and diverse in nature.  Check out some of our past projects to get a better sense of our work and see some of current projects.  Peacebuilding Connections is open to collaborate on any current projects, future projects, and connections made via our past projects.

Theory: Peacebuilding is the process of bringing together broad and diverse individuals and organizations together around nonviolent goals and objectives. 

Visual Peacebuilding: The following diptychs an academic perspective on the peacebuilding process.  The following are broad and diverse fields of study that allow peacebuilders to be successful in field projects.  The academic background heavily mirrors traditional liberal arts and science curricula with emphasis on the cultural and communications styles of each field of study.



Theoretical Backing:

"Peacebuilding is the intersect between community organizing and the arts."

-Lisa Schirch 


"Peacebuilding is fundamentally rooted in the building of relationships and trust... it involves developing a process structure, which in turn involves redefining relationships, envisioning how people will work together in interdependent ways and changing the way people structure and conduct their relationships.  These changes take place in settings where events are fluid, emotions are charged, violence has been immediately experienced by many people, and, more often than not, perceptions and misperceptions have accumulated over generations. These processes take place polychromic simultaneity: multiple people creating multiple events at the same time."

-John Paul Lederach


"Peacebuilding is the set of initiatives by diverse actors in government and civil society to address the root causes of violence and protect civilians before, during, and after violent conflict. Peacebuilders use communication, negotiation, and mediation instead of belligerence and violence to resolve conflicts. Effective peacebuilding is multi-faceted and adapted to each conflict environment. There is no one path to peace, but pathways are available in every conflict environment. Peacebuilders help belligerents find a path that will enable them to resolve their differences without bloodshed.  The ultimate objective of peacebuilding is to reduce and eliminate the frequency and severity of violent conflict.

- Chic Dambach



Get Involved with Current Projects:

Bring Peacebuilding Connections and Roland Poska's Declarations of Interdependence to your community.  Bring together community members together to "end violence, end prejudice and achieve respect for all."

Bring Heartbeat: The Israeli Palestinian Music Project to your community and bring together community members together around a message of empathy, mutual understanding, and nonviolent action through music and the arts.  Upcoming Tour dates: 2016 US Engagement Tour2016 Summer European Tour2016 Fall US Tour.

Schedule a Peacebuilding Connections Speaker to visit your community and share their experiences as young leaders in the peacebuilding field.  Peacebuilding Connections speakers offer a broad and diverse knowledge in relation to politics, foreign policy, US domestic policy, the arts, youth education, and nonviolent resistance.



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Peacebuilding Connections is fiscally sponsored by the National Peace Corps Association. All funds go directly to support and create more projects by Peacebuilding Connections.

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