Peacebuilding Connection's FishyWhale Press Collection

In 2011 in Rockford, Illinois Peacebuilding Connections met the local Rockford artist Roland Poska. Poska, 74, is a world renown printmaker and paper pulp painter, known most for his unique Deckle Edge style symbolizing the forces in nature coming together and parting. Hidden in the back of Poska's FishyWhale Press Studio Peacebuilding Connections found the following orginial lithograph prints, a rare collection of lithograph prints from the 1960s and 1970s. Upon discovery Poska eagerly encouraged Peacebuilding Connections to take the pieces, sell the pieces, or use the backs to make new art! Help FishyWhale Press and Peacebuilding Connections continue to make new art by buying pieces from this amazing collection.