John Doyle

John L. Doyle American Artist: b. 1939-2010. Doyle's art reflects his fascination with the human condition. For over a decade Before Doyle actively pursued his painting career, he studied ethnology and anthropology. The product of this study is a visual recording of what Doyle learned and is set down in drawings.

The drawings became the foundation for a lithograph series' which developed into a life's work art project which Doyle titled "The Great Human Race." The art visually records categorical statements about civilization. The presentation is about the cultural development of particular disciplines such as Medicine, Law, Architecture, and Business. John Doyle had several shows at the MGM Grand Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada in the 1980's.

He produced several suites, Merchants and Traders, Counselors, Gamblers and the Great Human Race. He earned a BAE from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1962, and an MA from Northern Illinois University 1967. Doyle works in watercolor and acrylic, but is best known for his lithography. Doyle’s decade-long study of ethnology and anthropology lead to a lithograph series titled "The Great Human Race". Listed in Who's Who in American Art, Doyle has exhibited his work in more than 50 one man national exhibitions and more than 30 national and international group exhibitions.

John Doyle’s work is found in private and public collections including at the John's Hopkins University in Maryland; the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota; the Denver Natural History Museum in Colorado; the Columbus Museum of Fine Art in Ohio; the Library of Congress and the National Collection of Fine Arts in Washington D.C.; the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indiana; and the Palm Springs Desert Museum in California.

Doyle has resided in the mountains northeast of Asheville, North Carolina since 1979. He is chairman and co-owner of art publishing company, Chrysalis Images, Inc. until he departed in 2010.