Declarations of Interdependence

Will you sign the Declaration of Interdependence "to to end violence, end prejudice and achieve respect for all"?

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Peacebuilding Connections partners with Roland Poska for the international effort to collect signatures on the Declarations of Interdependence.  The project thrives to show the interconnectedness of humans around the world around peace.

Roland Poska’s “Declarations of Interdependence” are lithograph prints created between 1986-1994.  The collection consists of 15 pieces and a frontispiece.  Each Declaration represents the range of cultures and colors from around the world.  Black, White, Red, Yellow, and Brown serve to celebrate the great human race.  Each print was produced on stone with 6 colors.

The Declarations of Interdependence 


Connecting Culture

Within each of the 15 Declarations lies a cultural message that relates to that piece’s color.

  • White: “We The People”; “Democracy in Education”
  • Red: “T.H.O.U”; “A.I.M (We Can Achieve)”
  • Yellow: “Made in Japan”; “Ying Yang Symbol”
  • Black: “Roots”; “I Have a Dream”
  • Brown: “There is No God, Save God”; “And the Universe Shall be Born Again and Again, and Again…”

Signatures have been collected in:

San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Nashville, TN., Atlanta, Rockford, Il., and many more places in the US and internationally in Bolivia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Germany, Turkey, Italy, and Canada.



R U A (great) Human Being?

The Declarations of Interdependence allow for individuals at both a local level and global level to come together around a common message of peace and common goal of filling a Declaration with signatures.  The art serves as a vehicle for humans around the world to engage with and learn about one another, the true building blocks towards a more peaceful world.

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All 15 Declarations have been shown at American University's School of International Service building and Georgetown University's Gaston Hall.

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Bring the Declarations to your Community

The Declarations of Interdependence have a catalytic energy.  Through the display and collection of signatures within your community you can:

  • Bring Awareness to Local and Global Peacebuilding Projects
  • Raise Funds to Support Peacebuilding Efforts
  • Engage and Connect Individuals and Organizations

Work with Peacebuilding Connections to bring one or all of the Declarations to your hometown today.

Go to distance and be a hero in your community!

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Project Partners

 Peacebuilding Connections


Peacebuilding Connections works to build peace through culture and communication, connecting individuals and organizations across cultures, ethnic, religious, and national cultures as well as public, private, and civil society cultures with each other, and with the needed resources to create and facilitate ongoing and innovative efforts in the peacebuilding field.

 Featured Artist Roland Poska

Poska_Headshot.jpgRoland Poska was born in Scotland in 1938 to parents of Lithuanian descent; Poska received his B.A. from Rockford College in 1961 and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.

Roland was the Head of Printmaking and Co-Founder at Milwaukee School of Art and Design, Milwaukee, from 1974-1976. 

Roland founded and managed Fishy Whale Publishing in Rockford IL, established 1961.


Poska completed the Declarations in 1994 apart of his larger series titled 

‘The Great Human Race’ which he co-produced with artist John Doyle.  The series is comprised of original lithograph prints and paper-pulp paintings and sculptures featuring Poska’s world re-known Deckle Edges. 

Fiscal Sponsor the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA)

NPCA_Logo.jpegThe NPCA works to support a united and vibrant Peace Corps community, championing the lifelong commitment to Peace Corps ideals.  In total the organization supports over 50,000 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and 140 affiliate groups.  The NPCA is the fiscal sponsor for this project as registered 501 c 3.


10,000 signatures

Will you sign?