Aaron Shneyer

Musician and Educator

aaron_headshot_2.jpgAaron Shneyer is the Founder and Executive Director of Heartbeat, a nonprofit social enterprise using music to empower Israeli and Palestinian youth to transform conflict, which he launched in 2007 as a Fulbright-mtvU Fellow. 

In 2005 he graduated from Georgetown University with a BA in Anthropology and has since worked as a program leader and dialogue facilitator with various youth empowerment and civil society peace-building efforts.  After living in Jerusalem for six years, in 2012 Aaron returned to Washington, DC, to complete a Masters degree in Social Enterprise at American University’s School of International Service, where he was also a Social Enterprise Fellow.

Aaron has performed and presented on the role of music and youth in conflict transformation at institutions across the US and Europe including Yale, Brown, Georgetown, Harvard, and other universities as well as the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, TEDxAmerican University, and the US Department of State.  Aaron writes, produces, and performs with various music ensembles. More at www.heartbeat.fm


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